Asthma / Breathing Issues

Many people experience this extremely debilitating condition when a person is short of breath. The severity is unique for an individual in different situations. The gasping for breath when a person feels air is not reaching the lungs to give life sustaining oxygen, can really be traumatic.

But how many of us are aware that asthma can be/is caused by the triggering of a memory of a past life wherein the person died under a situation of deprivation of breath and life giving oxygen. The situation could be hanging, drowning, choking, slitting of throat, being buried alive, an explosion sucking away air, etc. all situations leaving a person dead for want of breath/air.

In this life under any situation, if this past life memory is triggered, the mind creates the situation of fighting for breath because some how it gets an input that the person (soul-mind-body) is in a condition of deprivation of air, as it happened in that birth and will lead to similar situation. The mind makes the breathing system strain for more air leading to a condition of 'fighting for breath'.

Fortunately, hypnotherapists around the world have done a lot of work in helping people and relieved them of asthma condition by accessing that past life memory and dissociating the mind from feeling that in the present life it has to protect the person from a similar condition. Number of successful cases are there in India itself.

It is a non medical therapy, and a person reduces/gives up medication over a period of time in consultation with his medical practitioner as s/he keeps improving, saving both the suffering and money.

Wouldn't you want to be free from breathing issues/problem including asthma?