Only a person with this problem can feel the helplessness of not being able to overcome his/her disability. The helplessness felt by the individual, in many trying circumstances, inspite of knowing within himself, his own capability of being able to speak perfectly.

How many times the individual must have felt, if only there was a simple solution to overcome the problem.

His own consciousness of himself when he speaks, specially at formal occasions or very personal situations, is so high, that it worsens the stammer.

How helpless the parents have felt in their inability to help their child.


Hypnotherapy recognizes that 'stammering' is caused by a trauma condition in childhood or sometimes as an adult also. In that trauma situation, the person wanted to speak and couldn't, that locked memory, causes the stammer, in his/her future years.

Hypnotherapy helps release and heal the trauma.

Then the hypnotherapist helps him to retrain the speech system to speak normally.

Join the successful cases and feel free.

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