Self -hypnosis is a process by which one can induce a hypnotic state on one-self. It is to be done by the person himself/herself.

We teach our students and clients 'the method of inducing self-hypnosis on oneself.

Anytime a tape is used, or someone else reads out  words e.g. from a book, the hypnosis is hetero-hypnosis rather than true self-hypnosis. Someone else is still hypnotizing the subject.

Self-hypnosis is not used to “cure” a problem. You do not treat yourself. It is used effectively for relaxation, stress control, and other non-therapeutic reasons such as general self-improvement or sports improvement.

One can give suggestions/affirmations to oneself under self-hypnosis for improvement, which are very effective methods to change habits. .When one gives oneself  suggestions in a positive language under self-hypnosis, it is very effective and changes do occur.

Doing self-hypnosis regularly for relaxation or for giving suggestions has a very beneficial effect.

Self hypnosis should be done when in a positive frame of mind to derive the maximum benefit.

Never go into self-hypnosis with a strong negative attitude. Give self an alternative so that when you open the door to your subconscious mind, you are not taking all the negatives in with you.