Pain related therapy


We are happy to let everyone know the following story of our hypnotherapy practitioners related to pain prevention.

Below quoted is Dr. P. Uma Devi’s letter to me, and I have the script she sent (which I have circulated to our therapists for using it with their clients, to prevent their pain).


Dr. Uma’s sister has the growth/ulcer (cancer) in the rectum, which was requiring operation, but she was old so general anesthesia was not recommended, being a scientist she decided to give her a suggestion under Hypnosis, to overcome the issue of general anesthesia.



“Dear Yogesh,
As I promised you, I am attaching the script for reducing surgery pain which I wrote for my sister. She could not be given general anesthesia because of her advanced age (84 years). I gave three sessions (every alternate day) during the week preceding the operation. The method worked for her and she did not experience pain at the operation site during or after surgery and the wound healed well. The suggestion was written in Malayalam, as she does not understand English. What I am sending you is a rough translation.


Dr. P. Uma Devi

Ph.D. (Radio Biology), C. Ht., R. H.”



I have mself have had a wonderful experience with a cancer patient 76 yrs. old who had cancer in the bone marrow. He worked to his last without pain before succumbing to the disease.


He had taken Hypnosis sessions regularly for the same.


Yogesh Choudhary