The Asian countries and their people completely believe in reincarnation, though if we research in detail, we find that the concept of rebirth has been there among all people in the world. Now more people in the Americas and Europe are believing in rebirth/reincarnation.

Most of humanity believes that the soul or spirit is a part of God and is indestructible. We are all eternal beings. We grow spiritually by going through different  lives and learning lessons chosen by us.

Past life regression is the ability of a person to access the memories of lives lived earlier than the current birth. This is known as being regressed back in time. You can access your past life memories by taking the help of a hypnotherapist, for therapeutic reasons or may be just out of curiosity.

Regression is used in hypnotherapy as a diagnostic tool in order to find the cause of 'some current life problem' that a client is seeking to resolve. A client, under hypnosis, is regressed back to his or her previous life or lives to situations or events which has/have a cause for the current life trauma, pain, emotional problem, or relationship issue, etc. 

After diagnosis comes the 'past life therapy'.

First of all, using past life regression, identification of cause or reason for recurring patterns within this lifetime, that are making current life difficult, producing negative effects, or interfering with your health and well being, is determined.

We then use, what we have identified, to seek out the beginning of this pattern. We utilize this pattern as the guide or vehicle as we journey into the past to find an experience that strongly typifies or is even the very origin of this problem. The beginning of this destructive/disturbing pattern may or may not be located within this lifetime, we may find ourselves in a recent or not so recent past lifetime.

Once the cause/source is determined, a qualified  past life regression therapist can help you overcome that situation.

E.G. Cases of Asthma have been found to have their origin in past life, where the person suffering died due to 'stoppage of breath' due to any reason, it could be by drowning, hanged, burnt, choked, strangulated, etc.. The present life situation, at a particular time and conditions (could be weather, pollen, dust, etc.) triggers this memory of past life. Then the mind wants the person to breathe harder to protect him/her, causing breathing problems.

Medicines do give relief/support but cure?

I could give you number of cases which have been helped by past life regression therapy.