Study can be thought of as a sequence of short processes undertaken by the student.

A. These processes are given below:


  1. Creating/having a desire for study.
  2. Sitting down to study. Relaxing.
  3. Concentrating on what is being studied.
  4. Remembering ‘what is studied’.
  5. Recalling what has been studied ‘when required’, i.e. exam, test, interview or during conversation.


B. Other issues, which can help him/her are:

  1. Generating feeling of confidence in his ability to study and perform well.
  2. Removal of anxiety (if he/she feels it) before exam/test/interview/viva voce.
  3. Making the student experience success in the exams, and generating the associated good feelings/ happiness which result in motivating the student and so creating a desire to study.


Hence the whole case under hypnotherapy has to be addressed in a total manner, covering both, part A & B.



The hypnotherapist has to ask a lot of questions during the pre induction interview to assess the problems the student is facing.




Do you like to study? If not, why not?

Do you know why you have to study?

What do you like to study?

What do you not like to study?

Is there any specific place where you sit to study?

Where you study, is there any distraction, do you get disturbed, etc.?

Does s/he feel pressure for studying from his friends, teachers and/or parents?

Any particular problems you face, while studying?

Which is the subject you like maximum?

Which subject do you find most difficult, why?

What do you want to become?

How do you feel before exams? (Check for anxiety)

How would you like to spend time, if you have total freedom?

What were your marks in the last exam?

How many marks subject wise do you desire to obtain?

How much time is left?

What is your goal for studying?

What do you want to achieve by studying?

How will you feel if you achieve your goal?

How will others feel, if you achieve your goal? (Who are these others?)  

Can you draw a progression table exam wise for the marks you want to obtain?

Ask How does he want to feel when he going to an exam hall?




Intention is to know the student’s desire, direction in life, what is he motivated by, why does he get disheartened, why can he not concentrate, what distracts him, etc?


Based on the information gathered, a course of action can be determined by the hypnotherapist.


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