Courses Conducted, Course Coverage

 All courses conducted are licensed from California Hypnosis Institute, Irvine, California, USA. Certificates are issued by the Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy.

These courses are approved by the American Hypnosis Association, USA, which requires a minimum of 128 hours of instructional and practical training for qualifying a person as a 'Clinical Hypnotherapist'.

The courses are at par with the best curriculum offered by International Institutes.

The faculty for all courses is Yogesh Choudhary, who has been Dr. Satin's colleague in introducing Clinical Hypnotherapy in India. He helped Dr. Satin design all California Hypnosis Institute courses for the Indian students including the 'CHI -Teacher Training Course'.


Today the courses of CHI are well received in India as the best formal scientific training in ‘Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy’.


The certificate of "Clinical Hypnotherapist' entitles the holder to register with the following organisations after meeting their specific registration requirements.


National Guild of Hypnotists, USA

American Hypnosis Association, USA

International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists, USA

International Association for Regression Research & Therapies Inc., USA

General Hypnotherapy Register, UK


These are some of the best regulating bodies in the world for Hypnotherapists.



The Level 1 covers the Science of Hypnosis. We teach only scientific hypnosis to be used for 'Clinical work' i.e. to give relief to anyone who has some issue to be taken care of. Learning what is hypnosis, how to induce hypnosis and why a person gets into a state of hypnosis? are the focus of this programme. The programme is very intense.



Topics covered :
Brief History of Hypnosis

History and Development of the Human Mind

The Theory of Mind

How to Create the Hypnotic State

The Theory of Suggestibility

The Laws of Suggestibility

How to Conduct a Hypnosis Session

Deepening Techniques

Wording Effective Suggestions

Post-hypnotic Suggestion for Re-hypnosis

Awakening techniques

Practicals on creating hypnotic state

Duration:      3 Days       - (9am to 6pm- every day)


Certificate Awarded: “Master Hypnotist”




Diagnostic tools and Therapy tools used with hypnosis are the focus of this programme.

Past life regression and age regression are learnt as a diagnostic tools for uncovering the causes of real life problems experienced in the current life of the client (the person with the issue).


Topics covered :

Hypnotic Modalities

Medical Model of Hypnosis

Dream Therapy

Hypnotic Extinction of Fears and Phobias

Child Hypnosis and children issues

Hypno-Diagnostic Tools

Hypnotic Regression (Age & Past Life Regression) for diagnostic purpose 


Sports performance enhancement through Hypnotherapy

Life script change

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Determining suggestibility and tendencies by Hand writing analysis 

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Kappasinian Hypnosis


Duration     : 5 Days -(9am to 6pm all 5 days, there is a break of one day after the 3rd day)

Certificate:   Completion Certificate for

“Advance Hypnotic Techniques & Modalities”



Topics Covered:

Physical & Emotional Sexuality

Systems Approach

First Consultation

Counselling & Interviewing

General Self-Improvement

Habit Control

Low Blood Sugar

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse

Mental Bank

Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families

Crisis Intervention

Sexual Dysfunction

Defence Mechanisms

Advertising & Promotion

Duration:        8 Days

After attending the course, a course completion certificate is awarded.

The participants are then required to submit details of 10 cases (minimum 4-5 sessions each) done by them.  After scrutiny and approval of the cases, by an approved examiner, they have to appear for an interview. Once they clear the interview, the following certificate is issued by IIOH.

Certificate: “Clinical Hypnotherapist”


IV. Course on "Past Life Regression Therapy and talking to the subconscious"

Any person who finishes the Level 2 can learn Past life Regression Therapy,  it is advantageous to have carried out a few past life regressions, before taking this course.

This course covers

Talking to the subconscious

History and Application of PLT

Why PLT works

Determining need for PLT

Interviewing clients for issues

Process of regression

Finding critical areas & multiple life connections

Diagnostic Regression Demonstration

Empowering the client

Reframing critical past life memories

Patterns from the past

Documenting regression/Therapy sessions

Soul/Trauma issues & death experience

Past life Therapy demonstration

Breaking the bonds of time

Advising the client on the healing process

Duration 3 days

Certificate: Past life Regression Therapist and Talking to the Subconscious.