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Interview Choudhary- 15.09.15

Holistic Hypnosis

How hypnotherapy can help on the spiritual journey? Can the higher Self be accessed through Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapist Yogesh Choudhary from India made a stunning discovery while practicing classical hypnotherapy that let to a series of experiments that might radically change our view on hypnotherapy. Traditionally being a tool to access the subconscious, Choudhary found it to be a universal method to communicate to all levels of a human being – from a single cell to the wisdom of the higher self. We talked to him about the exciting ramifications of his discovery.
Yogesh Choudhary, how did you get into Holistic Hypnotherapy?
Dr. Sunny Satin, when he started teaching Hypnotherapy in India, first taught us three levels of courses as taught by the ‘Hypnosis Motivation Institute’ USA which were dealing with clinical/classical/analytical hypnotherapy and were the basis of ‘Clinical Hypnosis’.

It was during the practice of ‘Clinical Hypnotherapy’ or ‘Classical Hypnotherapy’ that many clients, while in the hypnotic trance, involuntarily saw/felt another level of existence, the presence of beings, places they were in, etc. and described them in detail. They could narrate in detail what was happening there as they would do in age regression or a past life regression.

I had a natural query as to where this information was coming from, what was the client connecting to, who or what is connecting to his brain to make him/her speak what s/he is describing. Where was s/he receiving these thoughts/views from or how is the client accessing this information, is s/he traveling to these places in astral body - or he is imagining all that s/he is narrating? To get answers to the above questions I did a lot of reading and experimenting and though I am sure people like me must have had these experiences and experimented to get the answers, yet answers to many questions were not available in books.

So you tried to piece the puzzle together from various sources to make sense of what you were observing?

Yes, there were random bits of information and thoughts generated from the learning from various sources and I was simultaneously experimenting in my practice and trying to relate if we can help people while they are under a trance by exploring this domain.

Then, in the international Regression Conference held in New Delhi in 2006, I read a paper on regressing a single cell to a previous state - just like we do with a whole being. I had been experimenting with exactly that concept for nearly 2 years and getting good results of being able to see the healthy state of a current diseased cell. This was the beginning of a new way to think and joining cause and effect and also to go to the root causes of diseased states, be they mental, emotional, energy depletion, or physical illnesses.

What exactly is the difference between your current work and the classical hypnotherapy you started with?

Classical hypnotherapy looks at causes of issues/disturbances/unbecoming behaviors in the subconscious only, and uses tools to remove these causes, and then substitutes new suggestions/thoughts which are put in the subconscious. What exactly happens or how that happens in the subconscious is not measurable or known, the effect of the process is known through the change in response by the client in similar situations.

The work that I am doing now uses symptoms of the physical body, the subconscious, the subtle bodies of man, chakra system, the energy channels, subtle bodies as described in the ancient Indian texts, etc. to determine that energy, which can be considered as an impurity in his current totality of existence -that which is creating the disease or disturbing behaviour or even making the changes in the behaviour of the person that is causing the disturbance in his surrounding.

So your work looks for causes not only in the mental and physical but also on the subtle energy levels?

Yes. Being a homeopath for nearly 46 years now, I have seen miraculous cures, by homeopathic medicines. We still do not know scientifically where they work, their field of application is still mysterious. But I know from the Indian learning that they work in the subtle bodies, and if they work in the subtle bodies, the subtle bodies could be harbouring the "energy viruses".

These energies are there for a purpose, when they do come in, what was the circumstance in which they came, etc. is reported by them and we can interact with them and then help them go if they have finished the work with the individual to make him learn a lesson or fulfill a purpose.

Once these energies go, there is a change in the behaviour of the individual, and a greater understanding by the individual as to what was happening to him and why. The effect and healing is at a very profound level and helps a person to the cure, and is leading to a visible transformation of the person.

How did you discover, that it is possible to communicate not only with the subconscious but also with energy body levels and physical systems like a cell, an organ, or a system?

During experimentation, I felt that it was the Consciousness of the individual that was getting accessed, and it was the one directly reporting or giving responses to what it was viewing or answering questions. It was also carrying out the instructions that I was giving to the client under hypnosis. I decided to see if it could interact with the cells around the place it was viewing or examining. That was in 2005, which led to the paper that I read at the International conference that I mentioned earlier.

On experimenting further, I felt that if the consciousness itself was responding to my instructions, and that it was an 'energy' by itself, then I could ask it to raise its vibration to the various levels of the subtle bodies of a person (Koshas), and ask it to examine the layers, as given in the Indian ancient texts. The experiment was successful, and it gave a lot of information, and also I was able to clean and heal those layers. That was very encouraging. These were the energy body levels that you asked about in your question.

After that, I experimented with getting in touch with the energy systems of each physical system like the digestive system, cardiovascular system, immune system, muscular system, etc. They not only responded, but they also gave immense information about the individual and their state of health! They could also give advice as to what I should do to help restore them. It further encouraged me to keep experimenting with the concept of energies and see and feel for myself the energy aspects of the human body.

Should this really hold the test of time, it would be a very significant finding – how come you are the only one using hypnotherapy in this way?

I have searched on the net for similar procedures if done by any other person until now, but I do not find anything till today. I have trained 21 hypnotherapists (50 as on 12.06.2020 -updated) with these procedures so far. I can say that I did the experiments. If someone has done any similar work, I am not aware of it. I do agree that I do not have recourse to reading all books in the world, so if someone else has done similar work, I would be glad to interact with him/her to evolve these ideas, thoughts, procedures for the benefit of humanity and simplify healing and curing to restore the health of an individual.

Does this work with anybody - even skeptical people?

When you use the word ‘skeptical people’, you could mean several things. If you are defining people who are in denial about everything that is not in their learning and experience and are adamant that they are always right, then - for these people - they do not want a new experience, they are afraid to deal with new ideas, thoughts, experiences, and exposures. They want to remain in their safe walls.

When one goes under deep hypnosis he is still awake. If the person has such deep and strong beliefs, then he can deny himself/herself the experience. Many people even refuse to go into a deep hypnotic trance because they are afraid to lose control. There are all types of people in the world. If a person can go into a deep trance state s/he will always be able to experience what I am explaining here.

When I do the procedure, I do not brief the individual as to what I am going to do or what and where s/he will go and see. I do not want to create any bias in the clients, it has to be a report of the instant/status where they are and what they are viewing.

Having explored the subtle realms for many years now in this way: To what conclusions about the makeup of a human being did this work lead you?

My conclusion until now about the makeup of the human being is as follows, this is in brief but a lot can be written, there is immense scope for research in this area:

a. Consciousness

b. Mind, and its aspects as a conscious mind, subconscious mind, and its link with the supra-conscious mind.

c. The physical body, as we see it, and all its physical systems e.g. cardiovascular system, endocrine system, muscular system, nervous system, digestive system, skeletal system, etc. with their component s like glands, organs, muscles, bones, etc.

d. The subtle bodies, which are also connected to the mind, comprising of :

i. Energy body-which also supplies energy from the cosmos to each and every

cell of the physical body.

ii. Emotional body

iii. Mental body

iv. Spiritual body

e. The chakra system in the energy body.

i. These chakras are the receptors of energies from the cosmos at different frequencies.

ii. The energies received at the chakras are essential for the production of complex chemicals from the glands.

iii. They are also essential for the functioning of the organs and the energy systems of the physical systems.

f. The energy systems of all physical systems

g. The brain as a complete system, independent and with the nervous system.

h. Special gateways in the mind-brain combo to connect to the supra consciousness.

The whole body of a human can be treated as the 'planet earth', with each cell as a human on it, along with the animals and plants. Each cell is powered by the soul element (Sanskrit word is Prana, life force/spark), and it has its own mind element, is intelligent, has a life, has a cycle of living, a purpose of living, contributing to the system as a whole, etc.

When we say Macro and Micro are the same, one can actually sense and feel it when working at all the levels mentioned above. 

If hypnosis can access all these levels - how can it help to heal and evolve - and by what mechanism?

This is a very important question. I shall give my thoughts on this subject. My experience as a homeopath and now with hypnotherapy and the concepts of energy science is that we can help people so simply and cheaply, without creating secondary symptoms from the side-effects of chemical drugs.

As the causes of most physical illnesses can be traced to emotional disturbances, these energies of emotions can be released so easily with the use of hypnotherapy that keeping most of the people healthy would be a simple exercise in society. There are also physical conditions like pains etc. which cannot be found under tests, these are caused by energetic disturbances. These can also be helped by releasing those energies under hypnosis.

Humanity can be helped by resorting to very simple procedures or techniques if we understand the root cause of the dis-ease a person is experiencing. If people, with a deep desire to help people are there, they can learn many simple methods of helping others to be free from their diseased states.

I heard you mention, that healing is very much connected to the individual purpose of life.

Yes, the soul takes birth to lighten its burden during the time it spends on earth, which for me is evolution. To remain healthy during that stay is part of his/her plan unless s/he has chosen differently.

Hypnotherapy with this depth of understanding of a human and his/her requirement for going through this journey on earth, if practiced sincerely with love, then it can help a number of people and transform them such that they are able to achieve their purpose easily and in a calm state of mind.

And there are umpteen number of purposes for which a soul can come down in the human form, simplest being resolving karmic issues with people (the hurts we created with other human beings in previous incarnations), we may have a purpose to learn loneliness, forgiveness, equanimity in severe circumstances, etc. Every person has his/her own purpose, which are as many as people themselves.

Hypnotherapy as enunciated here is a science of transforming people to help them achieve their purpose of life on Earth. This therapy form is about transforming people. It’s not for just removing a pain at any level, mental, emotional, energy, or physical body. When we do all that simultaneously we find the perspective of the client towards life changes completely. And then they can move in a better frame of mind and do whatever they have come for.

So then what is the reason and purpose of suffering and illness and how does real healing happen?

From my experience, we need to understand the concept of realms in the spiritual universe to understand the answer to this question. The spiritual universe is organised in bands of energy frequencies. (Like the 2G, 3G, 4G…bands for our telecom sector).

Each soul (as energy as we would like to understand it), has two components:

Firstly the pure energy of the source (God, Absolute, etc. which has been told to me is pure energy at the highest frequency of vibration). The Indian texts name it as Param-Atma, as a part of the complete energy-termed as Param (absolute) Atma.

And the second part is the coverings it has, which could be many different types of energy. I understand them from telecom engineering as carrier wave and superimposed waves, becoming the final modulated wave.

So, the soul as it exists in the spiritual universe is in its modulated form. The pure carrier wave as energy is God energy. The modulating waves are the ones that are superimposed on the carrier wave. The combination creates a slower vibrating energy, depending on what energies have modulated the carrier wave. The higher the vibration the higher it is positioned in the realms. The hierarchy of the realms starts nearest to the highest frequency of energy, which we call God in a common man’s parlance.

Now the quest of the soul is to shed the modulating energies and rise higher and higher to again go home to the Lord/God or the Energy Source (the carrier wave frequency).

In the hierarchy of the spiritual universe, there are a number of evolved souls in various realms, who have been given the responsibility to help and guide such souls who want to clear their burden.

So, when the soul is driven by its own deep desire to progress towards higher realms, it wants to find a suitable means and method to do it. Many of such souls choose to take birth in the material world, to cleanse the coverings/modulating frequencies of energies whatever be their nature so that they can go back to a higher realm when they return after shedding the physical body at death.

These souls who want to return to higher realms than from which they came from, and especially the ones who want to raise themselves by more than one level, choose a very difficult life on earth. The suffering that they can build into their own plan is unbelievable at times. I have seen many such cases.

Why would they do that?

The condition that they impose on themselves is to remain calm in those situations when they experience them and continue to do righteous acts. Then only they are able to shed the burden.

I know it seems silly to express these views, but these are not mine, these have been communicated to me and I have observed them in many cases. Today they are a part of my experience and I help my clients with these views and they feel comfortable while working with them and find relief.

In what sense?

Many of us are not able to understand our conditions of life, we keep asking ourselves "Why me, God?" When the clients sees it and/or also feels it in the trance state, then they get convinced and their mind state comes into a state of acceptance and then they move forward fast. Most of my clients have been transformed and have gone beyond the boundaries of healing.

That might be hard to believe for many!

I find this work to be able to give people a direct experience, and then they change, transform into what they will for themselves. Then real healing takes place, when the person understands.

So you can release a burden once you understand that in every pain or challenging situation there is something in it for you, that it has a deeper meaning?

Yes, it always has a deeper meaning. It is almost like a test. The day you stop being tempted, you move on. You pass all the tests if you stay in a state of equanimity. And you also don’t carry that pain in your astral body for the next life’s pain.

So a part of the suffering is self-imposed, but there is also another aspect: You talk quite a bit about white light and dark light - what are these?

It was in 2010, that in a session I came across pure dark energy. When I asked who it was, it said (through the client in front of me) ‘I am dark energy’, and when I asked what I should call it, it said "Call me ‘black light". I was confused as to how can light be black. Then it explained to me, that it came from the same source as the White Light. They were created out of ‘the Golden Light’ by the Lord. Black and White Light were the two sides of the same coin.

White Light got the job of creation of souls and other things, and Black Light got the job of keeping the souls in the trap of chain of birth and death, till the soul used its own free will to come out of it.

The White Light is the creative principle of the Lord and makes the soul long to go back to the Lord, the Source. The Dark Light is the trapping principle of the Lord. I do not use the term destructive, as it is not destructive, but creates hurdles in your wanting to unburden the heavier vibrations. Its job is to load you with heavier vibrations on your carrier wave, so that you have to remain in the chain of birth and death.

How does the Black Light do this?

I came across number of emotions in many clients, which in psychological terms we call negative emotions, e.g. desires, anger, arrogance, greed, attachment, jealousy, hate, revenge, envy and fear. Earlier I would use desensitisation to release them but now I could talk to them, they would tell me when they came into an individual, what was happening at that time, etc. which the client confirmed.

Having got this information I started a lot of experiments in releasing these energies from my clients after directly interacting with these energies. And clients felt much better. I have a list of more than 100 such emotions with I have interacted and released them from my clients.

Similarly, many clients would see White Light in their sessions when they were under trance. One could talk to the White Light, using the Vocal system of the client. I could ask them questions and It would give very informative answers, many such answers were beyond the learning of the client, or the client had no clue about them. This was not from only one client, but many clients. I kept experimenting, confirming from various clients.

Still your view differs a lot from a Christian perspective where the dark light would be equaled with evil.

Yes, we need to understand - and that’s the beauty of it: Once you understand Dark Light and work with it, it leaves you fast. But you have to work with love. Love is the only thing that immobilises Dark Light. I had a chat with anger or something, and I was talking very nicely: “You’re working so hard without getting any acknowledgment. You’re doing Lord’s work.” It said: “My job is to trap people in the maya”. And I said: “Yes, you work so hard.” And with tears, it said: “You are the first person who gives credit to us.” I said: “Why not? You are working very hard. And if the world does not understand you well, it does not mean you’re not giving your best. It is divine energy. Why should I look at it only as dark light? It’s coming from the Lord, why should I be afraid? There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s Lord’s energy, as everything comes from the Lord only.

Earlier you put emphasis on reaching a "calm state" and "equanimity" to overcome the dark light and shed negative energies - why is that so important?

If I want to clear my burden, I have to release the dark energy elements that I am carrying, as they are the ones - along with other energies - which make me restless, disturbed, and make me behave in a manner that does not express love, caring, etc. The disturbing emotions mentioned earlier are the ones which act as a glue creating the karmic bonds with people while we are on earth. Reactions and impulsive behaviour causes such hurts and thus the karmic bonds. Hence remaining calm in all situations also prevents us from creating these karmic bonds.

If I make my goal to remain calm and learn to remain in a state of equanimity, I know I am moving towards ridding myself of the disturbing energies, and progressing towards my purpose of life. There are many ways to do it, meditation, prayer, etc. all take a long time, and then we might keep slipping back also. When we can constantly remain in that state, which is a primary teaching and method, taught in major religious practices, then we ourselves know we are moving correctly in the direction desired by us.

Equanimity is also crucial to maintain a strong and balanced aura, which protects you from energy leakage, cracks, blockages and attachment of energy attachments. Emotional upheaval, anger, fear and trauma create energetic cracks which are potential entry points for spirits, entities etc.

That is the importance of remaining calm, and being in a state of equanimity. After we are in this state constantly then I can practice many other things to move faster towards the Source. I call it number-line-theory, where I have negative numbers on the left and positive numbers on the right, so if you don’t neutralise the negative numbers first and come to zero - and zero is the calm state – you can't move on. When I come to the calm state, I do not get disturbed by whatever I see, hear, taste, smell or feel. So once you’re in a calm state, you can move forward towards happiness, the positive numbers.

What did you learn about the relationship of consciousness, the physical (body) and our higher aspects? 

Consciousness for me is the attribute of the soul which makes it aware of itself and its relationship to the Lord. After creation of the soul as an connected yet independent God energy, it makes the soul aware that it is separate from the Source, creating the first longing to go back to the Lord. Mind and free will are the other attributes the soul is given at the point of separation. Thereafter, no one can interfere as to how the consciousness uses the free will to do what to go back to the Lord or to remain away from Him.

That being said, this module-“soul-consciousness-mind and free will”, stay together at all times. This unit senses the distance from the Lord, gauges its burden, the baggage on it, which comes into play at separation as it senses fear and insecurity at point of separation from the Source. The journey of the soul starts here.

To go back it now plans to unburden itself from the dense/lower frequencies that it has collected. It can choose to be born on any planet supporting life which enables the soul to do the work of cleansing.

The Earth is the worst place in the Universe, having maximum suffering. So when a soul chooses to come to Earth, it normally has a requirement to rise many levels in the spiritual universe. And as it has the capability to use its free will even before it takes birth, it can choose its degree of difficulty according to its plan. It may choose to just learn few lessons to use later.

When it comes to Earth, it chooses a human body to do the work it wants to and shapes the physical body for its use after it comes into the foetus at the age of 4 to 5 months in the womb. It may choose to modify the DNA for making the body in a shape/size etc. which will suit its purpose of learning or to make others learn something.

So you say all is self-imposed and not conditioned by the environment?

Both are happening. As the child is in the womb, it starts experiencing the positive and negative emotions of the mother who is subjected to different situations during pregnancy. These emotions and other emotions after birth, remain with it as it grows. The emotions are charges; they can stay in the physical and/or the subtle body. Wherever they stay, especially if they are of any particular negative nature, they choose to stay in specific places in the physical body. Slowly the strength of the charge can become such that electrically they can disturb the performance of those specific cells. Malperformance of the cells causes the physical disease.

The person can choose with his/her ‘free will’ many ways of not harbouring the negative feelings. But many people do not know how to release these negative emotions (Black Light elements), so illness follows. Illness now focusses them on itself and they get into a trap. The inherent purpose that they came for to evolve gets lost.

We all have Free Will choices in a certain range that mirrors our system's evolutionary status. There are always free will choice options, but they also depend on what energies the individual person brought to resolve at the point of birth. In every birth the human has the choice option to return to source and choose white light and love, but if it comes to specific moves in implementing a free will choice, the realisation or manifestation of the free will choice is again limited to whatever the person chose to experience and is given the opportunity to experience (attract/magnetise according to his/her frequency level).

Unless, we teach our children right from the beginning, these aspects about themselves, they will never come to understand and realise their higher aspects.

The soul, consciousness, mind and free will are the higher aspects which are with the physical body to help it do those types of deeds that will help it unburden the baggage it is carrying. That is why we talk of good deeds and bad deeds.

My learning from the sessions is that acceptance of people as they are, brings tolerance, patience and compassion to a person before he can learn unconditional love and make him unburden the load he is carrying. Behaviour and actions with elements of Dark Light desires, etc. will make him accumulate more burden. Many a time these can be seen as physical diseases also. Changing our thought patterns and activities can help us evolve in our soul journey.

Consciousness, physical body and our Higher aspects are totally related to each other and affect each other.

You learned a lot of things, that many people will find hard to believe: Entities, Masters coming through... was this a surprise for you and the clients?

Yes, I agree. Many people will find it hard to believe. But one does not expect everyone to believe it either.

Believing that there are entities and Masters, came mainly by personal experience. I encountered them after I became 60 years of age, while being a man of science. It was difficult for me to believe. I was educated in a convent with a lot of leaning toward Christian belief systems of Europeans. I was flabbergasted, when I first encountered first. But my own scientific mind, told me to remain open. And then, once there was the own experience, it was not a question of believing anymore but of knowing, a deep inner knowing.

And in one instance of a profound spiritual experience or encounter with a higher being in the spiritual realms, a deep transformation to a human's whole system takes place. Often tears well up, a deep movement within the person takes place as a higher realm encounter conveys unconditional love and profound wisdom that simply shifts the experiencer to his/her core.

Science is when we keep our minds open to first assimilate the observation, and see its repetition in different samples, as I kept myself open and saw the repetition of the phenomenon. I became absolutely sure of what I was experiencing. I did not allow any bias or prejudice to hamper my observations or negate them with the book learning or dogmas that I had learnt earlier.

Galileo only reported what he observed through the telescope, without judgement from the teaching given to him earlier. Only an unbiased mind can perceive with persistence to unravel what is being observed.

Do these contacts happen to people outside such a belief-system too?

Yes, I have had people who were non-believers. Their belief system had been different, coming either from religious perspective or science perspective. Most of them remained open to experiencing anything that came through. Few were very rigid in their belief system and would not accommodate new experience and wish it away with their own logic.

What results have you seen with this kind of therapy? Who can be helped and in what way?

This can help people of all spiritual belief systems, who come for the therapy and if they can get that exposure, connection and understanding, then they will get transformed. I got transformed. My students, my clients got transformed. I have seen so many clients getting transformed. Unimaginable. Their complete life changes. Their complete view of life changed. You can help so much. So much.