Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in our country, thanks to the junk food culture. Lifestyle changes, less exercise and “couch potato “attitudes contribute a lot to the unhealthy weight gain.

Weight loss and weight control management has become an industry but statistics show that people who attempt to lose weight either gain it all back in a very short time or fail half way through

These “yo-yo” diets and binges contribute a lot to developing eating disorders also. Initially you may lose weight on a given weight control programme, but slowly your old habits, behaviour patterns and attitudes lead back to leave the strict diet regime and you find yourself back to where you started from or maybe gain a few more kilos in the process.

This only makes it harder to even try to lose weight the next time.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool when it comes to weight loss and control.

Hypnotherapy works at the subconscious level of our minds, the main centre of all habits and attitudes. When under hypnosis, the therapist goes to the source of the emotions and behaviour, habit patterns causing the weight problem; he eliminates them and reinforces new positive eating and other habits.

Eating habits change and so does your weight!

All that is needed is to take a decision that you actually have a problem and you want to make positive and healthy changes in your life.

You may be surprised to know that at times your pastlife issues affect you and you eat more subconsciously to 'not look attractive' so that male/female are not attracted by you, or even that you starved in your past life and do not want to give up any oppurtunity to devour food, etc. There could be many such situations that may have happened in your past life, and the subconscious is now in this life trying to compensate for that situation.

Many people have benefitted from releasing such feelings after being aware of them, and then been able to control their eating, resulting in feeling better about themselves and also reducing weight.

Hypnotherapy helps you to lose weight; making you a slimmer, healthier you and making you stay that way too!