Purpose of Life


If we believe a soul takes birth (comes into a body), we may have to believe that it exists somewhere (may be in the spiritual world) between the last incarnation and the current birth.

Why would a soul in the spiritual space decide to take birth?

The soul decides to take birth in a physical form; because it wants to increase the frequency of vibration of its ‘soul energy’, which would enable the soul to move towards the vibrational frequency of ‘God Energy’ so that it can be ‘Home’, that is, merge with the Source.

In order to be able to increase the vibrational frequency from its current state (at the time of birth), it may do the following:

  1. Clean and/or remove those superimposing energies, which are modulating the primary frequency of the soul energy (God Energy Frequency), which are slowing its rate of vibration (cleaning the Karma energies). So, it can do deeds (after birth) and /or do those actions that will remove/nullify these modalities of its primary frequency of the soul (God Energy Frequency).
  2. Do those deeds/learn those lessons/take such actions which help increase the frequency from the current state of vibration.

To do this, while in the spiritual world, ‘the soul decides on a ‘purpose’ to be achieved and/or a ‘lesson’ to be learnt during the current birth, which will help increase the frequency of the soul energy.

The following chart can help us understand the process that the ‘soul energy could be adopting’ to achieve its purpose.

Soul-wants to learn a lesson and/or resolve a karmic issue, so decides to take birth

Seeks support from soul group members to play roles or to create effective learning support from them or 

Seeks souls to resolve karmic issues with them

Chooses ‘a purpose of life’ for the new birth 


To achieve its ‘purpose of birth’ and ‘to learn its lesson’, the soul SELECTS the following, to equip itself with different strengths and weaknesses for mental, emotional, energy and physical build up, from various resources available to it.

Choosing the data in the Soul-Mind

Astrological influences

Choosing the data in Body-Mind

Life Planning

Experiences from own past life/lives
(At times from other souls’ experiences)

Date and place of birth 

(Choices given by the Council of Elders) for the following influences

Major events
(Life planning With Guide and Council Elders and soul group)

  1. Strength and/or weaknesses, which will help to achieve purpose of life.
  2. Karmic issues to be resolved with someone/many.

  1. Date-To get the major characteristics of the star sign. (i.e. strength/ weakness, attitudes, leanings, temperament-could be ego related)
  2. Place- (Affects astrological     attributes also)

  1. Genetics  physical capabilities/ infirmities)
  2. Family historical strengths/weaknesses (becomes part of ego)
  3. Financial capability of parents (to support your purpose of Life)
  4. Environment for growth and learning (culture, societal interactions, etc. including parents’ temperament.)

  1. Where and when to meet soul group people, etc.
  2. Also agreements with soul group participants in your life drama and activities, for learning.
  3. Life shaping events. (e.g. accidents, illnesses, etc. –to gain experience for self and to give mutually agreed experience to others,  etc.)


The above attributes could be interactive or influence each other for final selections before birth.

Stage of soul coming into the foetus:

When the soul comes into the foetus in the womb, the foetus already has a body-mind. The information of the emotional tendencies and the physical characteristics of the parents are carried in the body-mind and the genetic code. We can say the body-mind envelopes and influences the first cell formed, which also forms the master genetic code for the foetus. Foetus develops as per the body-mind and the merged genetic codes (chromosomes supplied by each parent). The emotional and physical ambience surrounding the mother influences the growth of the foetus.

Anywhere between the 2nd to 6th month (foetus age in the womb), when the soul chooses to enter the foetus, the soul-mind brings its information/programmes/plan/characteristics etc.. This data is embedded in the soul-mind.

As the soul-mind interacts and melds with the body-mind; this influences the genetic code in the master gene. The planned requirements given above change the physical characteristics of the physical body of the foetus. Thereafter, further growth of the physical body/ foetus, till the time of birth, is as per the new modified code.

 The soul-mind fuses with the body at birth.

After birth as we grow up, we develop and learn and imbed a number of minor/major softwares (habits and learning). These relate to our behaviours, reactions, responses, feelings, knowledge, etc. acquired from the reality of our existence and experience, from the physical and emotional environmental influences- parents, family, school, neighbours, events, situations, etc..

These could be in consonance with what we planned or be different, as once we take birth we do not remember anything of our planning and intentions.

All this may or may not enable/or be favourable to our learning and achievement of our ‘purpose of life’.

But we must remeber at all times that our free-will is superior, and by its use we can change any plan while on earth.

Current life situation

During our life, if we are in a situation where we feel that we are not able to bear or cope with our current situation in life and constantly have a question “Why me, God?” in our mind, then it can help to seek help from a therapist well versed in ‘Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)’ and/or ‘Life Between Life Regression Therapy (LBLRT)’.

He can take you through processes, which can enable you to view your past lives and/or Life between Life scenarios, so you are able to gain an understanding of your situation, and thus reorient yourself to be able to cope with it.

One does come to realise that we choose the conditions in which we find ourselves. These are opportunities we planned for ourselves to learn something in order to increase our spiritual quotient/frequency of vibration. The situations are there because maybe we panned to learn ‘tolerance, patience, compassion, unconditional love, etc.’; these situations are also there to provide us with opportunity to resolve past karma.

The processes of PLRT and LBLRT give one an understanding about personalities interacting in one’s life. Many of these personalities (painful or helpful) have come to give you an opportunity for learning from your situations and/or resolve the issues with them (Karma balancing).

Relationship of feelings with spiritual growth and frequencies

Principal feelings, which lower the spiritual frequency, are kama (Desire -including lust for anything), krodh (anger), madh (self importance, intoxication), lobh (greed), moha (attachment), irsha (jealousy), ghrina (hatred), dwesh (finding fault, animosity) and bhaya (fear) and these are the feelings which get generated in a human for one’s own reason in situations that we encounter or create and/or during relationship situations.

The feelings/behaviours, which increase our soul frequency, are calmness, confidence, patience, peace, tolerance, compassion, love, caring, spontaneous help, unconditional love, etc. In any disturbing situations, if we are able to create these feelings and remain with these feelings, they always uplift a person and one can sense a light feeling in the heart, and we are able to tide over the situation. We also get these feelings if one does an act of help and care spontaneously.

Learning to ‘control the feelings which lower the frequency’, and learning to remain/generate the ‘feelings which increase the soul frequency’ is a part of the ‘purpose’ of souls. We may choose to learn one or more of such feelings in one lifetime.

If we examine our life and see ‘what we are experiencing/encountering’ or ‘become aware of the type of situations of conflict we encounter’, we may be able to analyse what we need to learn.

The ‘people in our life’ may have agreed to participate in your plan to give you situations that would create those feelings in you, which you want to learn to deal with/control/overcome and/or to generate those feelings that you wanted to learn and acquire. In this process, even the souls, with whom you have to resolve karma, which got created in a past life, also join you in this life to give you an opportunity to resolve it. Communication between the souls participating in this activity at the conscious level becomes very relevant.

If we consider that this life is a stage and the people around you are the fellow actors playing their role to assist you in learning your lesson of this life or helping you achieve the purpose of this life, it becomes simpler to accept the disturbing situations/people in our life. Indian philosophy/religious terms call this ‘Lila of God’ or ‘Maya’.

Thus, knowing and recognising the participants in your life through the processes of PLRT and LBLRT helps you in handling your ‘life’s purpose’ effectively, and so one is be able to manage or control the uncontrolled feelings that get generated, along with the sense of ‘why me, God?’.

When should a therapist choose to carry out PLRT or LBLRT?

Though the choice to do any of these processes rests with the therapist. The following only gives some general guideline for a beginner; soon s/he shall become proficient in the subject in any case.



Physical issues/sensations, the causative factor for which is not detected by any medical (allopathic) system of diagnosis.

Creation of uncomfortable feelings without any reason in some specific situations (e.g. fears/phobias). Could involve place or people.

Issues with some specific people, met casually or in a relationship (deep or transient).



Feeling lost on earth. Aimless. Does not succeed in any thing. Difficulty in choosing a vocation.

Feels life without purpose, self doubts, has a feeling of “why me God”?

Feels difficulty with people in his/her life