Life between Life Regression Therapy

There arise many situations in life where an individual wonders 'why me, God?'

The inability to cope with the situation in life is so extreme and painful that a human does want to understand 'the why of it'. Encountering such situations makes a person look for some help.

Well, there is help available. We have talked of 'Past Life Regression therapy' in this site, which is one such method to get help.

There is another method/process known as 'Life Between Life Regression', from where one can get a deeper insight to a person's situation. The Life Between Life Therapist can regress you to a time/space in between 'the death after a life and before the birth of the next life'. One comes to know where you spent that 'time' and for 'what' and with 'who all'. Then the therapist can guide you to a point where you planned this life.

It sounds weird for a normal person with limited life's learning taught in schools, colleges, by newspapers and TV, to think that one can access this information. But if we do believe in incarnation and Karma theory, we must be planning the current life somewhere!!

What is 'Life Between Life Regression'?

Once we believe in souls and their journey, we need to understand that in between births, the soul must be spending 'earth time somewhere'. Though it is not normal for a person to ask the following questions, many do think about it and wonder where they were.

Where is this space/place, where we spend time between lives?

What do we do there? And then

'Why do we choose to be reborn?'

'Life between Life regresion therapy' is a hypnosis intervention, where the client can experience this space and what the soul did there, before current birth. If disturbed and unable to understand your situation, it can help you to understand yourself and your situation of pain better. It enables you to learn about the people who are around you, who have chosen to give you that experience, so that you are able to learn your lesson that you had planned to learn from the current life situation.

All who have undergone these sessions have generated a new perspective about their situation and felt more empowered to cope and handle their situation in life.