There are many reasons why a woman may not conceive. We will not get into the various reasons, due to this being a speciality area. But the learning gained from a few cases with women who came with this problem for hypnotherapy, it does appear that some of them carry some trauma memories and/fears from past lives, which prevent them from conceiving.


For the general information of public (we are sure people who come to this site have an open mind about the mysteries of the universe) we are giving 3 such cases. It is hoped that some of you will be benefited with this information.


Childlessness- three cases

(Names of the clients have been changed to protect their identity.)


Case 1:

Nalini was a 42 years old. She was having a repetitive dream in which she was being thrown from a cliff and was going down and down.


She had come to find, what was it all about.


After taking her into deep hypnotic trance, on asking the subconscious to go to the point of origin of the cause of the dream, she went to a time when she was the wife of a king in northern India. She was a deeply religious person and used to spend her time mostly in a temple, near a cliff, praying and singing bhajans, with commoners. 


Her husband used to object to this. He was desirous of having children, which she used to refuse to have, because of being fully absorbed in her spiritual activities.


One day the husband, fed up with this attitude of hers, got some muscle men in his kingdom to push her from the cliff, when she was going to the temple.


She died as she hit the base of the cliff. (What she had been dreaming about was a memory of her falling down the cliff).


Talking to the subconscious and inquiring about the connectivity of that life with her current life, it informed that as she denied herself the children in that life, even though she wanted to have children in this life, she planned to suffer the desire to have children, but it also informed that as she is working very sincerely with children in a voluntary organization, she would be able to overcome the debt created in that life.


When I brought her out of the trance she confirmed the following:

  • The scene that she saw in her past life was the same that she saw in the dream, with the same feelings.
  • She wanted children in this life but even after all medical interventions she was not able to conceive.
  • She did work with a voluntary organization with children and had to take care of few children completely.


The reason for not having children in this life was mainly due to her having consciously denied herself children in a past life.


Case 2.


Shakuntala was married 8 years ago, when she came. She had no children. Both husband and wife were medically normal to have children. Both wanted to have children. They loved each other a lot, but confided that their marriage has not been consummated till then, as she became very fearful at the point of penetration.


The husband was very loving and respected her feelings. They had gone to a number of psychologists and psychiatrists, but to no avail. The fear wouldn’t go.


She turned to Hypnotherapy as a last resort, and having learnt the Science, Shakuntala became confident that her fear could be removed.


As a therapist, I knew this was a phobia and could have an origin in some past life, when she might have had a bad rape experience or died in one. She had brought this memory of the bad experience from that life to this life, as she had had no bad experience in this life to be afraid of.


A simple process of desensitization under hypnotic state was done to remove the phobic feelings.


Today she is a proud mother of twins and her husband is also very happy.


Case 3.

Ravinder (49 years) came in to know more about a recurring life that she had viewed 5 times over a period of time, when she used to do past life regression on herself by a taped procedure. She would only remember that she saw herself as a nun and called it her nun’s lifetime. She wouldn’t remember other details.


She also wanted to know about a special feeling that she felt for her younger brother in this life.


Taking her into a past-life (under hetero-hypnosis) when she had been a nun, she saw herself as a young person, in a Francis convent in the 15th century, in Italy. The rules in the convent were about poverty, chastity and obedience. But she felt that females were more suppressed than the males in the convent.


The life was very miserable. She recollected the Mother Superior burning her and other nuns with a hot iron.


Then she saw a baby. She saw that it was her baby that she delivered in the convent and it was being taken away from her, even though she wanted to look after it.


Asking her to go to the time when she conceived the child, she expressed that the young nuns were raped and the mother superior was a party to the exploitation of the young nuns by the male priests. She had also suffered at the hands of the mother superior.


In this life she had not conceived because she did not want her child to be taken away from her. She had blocked herself from conceiving. At the age she was, though she didn’t want a child now but she now understood the reason why she couldn’t conceive in this life even though she and her husband tried and went to all doctors for help.


When her subconscious was asked about the feelings she felt for her brother of this life, she got the information that he was that baby in that life, whom she couldn’t look after. Now she understood her own protective feelings towards her brother.


The session left her feeling very relieved.


After coming out the trance, Ravinder informed that she recognized a lady in this lifetime who had done the bad things to her, in that life of the nun, and who was now trying to make up to her.