Undiagnosed pains

Many a time number of people experience pains in various parts of the body, but when they go to a medical doctor and/or get MRI or CT Scan done, no cause is discovered.

In such cases they keep taking various drugs given by medical doctors, the pains do reduce with the drugs, but they have to take the drugs continuously. The cause of the pains is not determined. Medical science calls it psychosomatic pains.

But there must be a cause because there is the 'effect' of the pain.

Who can answer this question better than your own subconscious, which knows everything about you?

So, when you are under the hypnotic trance the hypnotherapist can help you get the answers/information from the subconscious about the cause of the pain. Once the cause is known, the hypnotherapist can use his knowledge and skills to remove/heal the cause and so heal the pain.

Why drug your body if you can help yourself with a drugless therapy for pain?

Drugs have their own side effects, and we do not know what these side effects are for 'YOU', because you are a unique person on earth.